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So Tired of the Cold (In My Soul and Otherwise)

It’s been frigid here in New York for going on two weeks now. Such wind. Many cold. Very wind chill. Wow.

Worse for me, my winter happy pills haven’t been working as well as they have in years past. Either that or my seasonal affective disorder is getting worse as I get older. Or the evilness of this winter is just taking its toll. In any case, I’m having trouble getting out of bed in the mornings, don’t want to do anything but go home and sleep at night and am being super ultra unproductive all day. Neat-o.

Luckily, I usually start to feel better around mid to late February, so things should start to lift soon. I hope. Then next year I can try to do something different. That is both the curse and the blessing of this thing: When I’m in it, I always know that it’s going to go away. But when during the 8-9 months of the year when I feel fine, I always know it’s going to come back.

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Old Sexist Dude Votes… With His Penis!

From the New York Times 2013 New York City Election Blog:

Alan Kipnis, 70, a printer known as “Kip” to friends and neighbors, waited outside for his business protégé to arrive, and waxed a bit contrarian. He said he represented “the male silent majority.” That is to say, he was about to vote for Anthony D. Weiner and Mr. Spitzer.

Oh my god wtf no really i can’t even with this…

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